Event Security

Surete Management & Partners can assist your business in developing strategic and operational security plans, to mitigate risks associated with all its operations.

A business security plan sets out the security measures and procedures to be implemented, at each security level, to safeguard against acts of unlawful activities, health and work safety. We provide a security and vulnerability assessment that identifies and describes the main security threat any business or work related environment.

Vulnerability assessment that includes:

  • Identification of vulnerabilities to assets and activities (Risk Assessment)
  • Identification of weaknesses, including human factors within the infrastructure
  • Identification, selection and prioritization of measures to mitigate vulnerabilities
  • Identification of necessary changes in the procedures to reduce the vulnerability
  • Based on vulnerability assessment, we prepare and implement security and contingency plans

Surete Management can help you understand how your business can be vulnerable and how prevention procedures can help to mitigate those vulnerabilities.

That includes:

  • Expert consultation and training to guide companies and change mindsets and behaviours regarding security and contingency procedures
  • Targeted interventions to ensure lasting change, building on security management priorities
  • A Risk Management approach to assist management to understand the implications of security results and seize opportunities for improvement, and build a recognized organizational strength